It will never be easy to choose a tab especially Samsung Galaxy due to the fact that this gadget is the most popular one on the globe. Hence we come with the idea of presenting you Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 vs S5e to get rid of your confusion between the two. There was a time Samsung will be stepping away out of the Android tablet after Galaxy Tab S5e was released. However, this case doesn’t take so long after Galaxy Tab S6 launched more affordable price. 

There are always some similarities as well as differences between Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and S5e. These what we are going to describe in this article so that you can no longer feel confused about whether to choose S6 or S5e.

Let’s check out the review below:

1. Similarities of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and S5e

Firstly, we want to present to you the similarities between these two great gadgets. In this case, there are some similarities in many places. Firstly, they have similar features including the 10.5 inches Super AMOLED display, 2560 x 1600 resolution, 8-megapixel front-facing camera, 13-megapixel rear camera, and even the same quad AKG turned speakers. 

Even you will never imagine that is the weight is surprisingly similar. It is at just 0.9 pounds or 400 grams. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 is only weighing 20 gram more. Impressively, these two types of Galaxy tab has also the same 7,040mAh battery to support a 15W fast charger. 

In the front part of the product, both Galaxy tab S6 and S5e have a huge display that can be combined with the cover of the detachable keyboard. It makes the users easily triage emails or get some tasks done without turning on their computers. In other words, these two tab’s display enables the users to function the tabs like a personal computer. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Video
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Video

In terms of privacy, both Galaxy tab S6 and S5e present you with a fingerprint scanner. The placement of the fingerprint scanner may vary. S6’s scanner is located on the display while S5e’s scanner is on the side of the tablet. The same type of fingerprint scanner featured by S6 and S5e will ensure you the big security to protect your privacy. 

Well, these similarities show that Samsung Galaxy tab s6 and S5e are just siblings to accompany your days either at work or at play.

2. The Differences Between Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and S5e

The next discussion we are going to go about Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 vs S5e is the differences between the two types of Samsung Galaxy tab. Although there are some impressive similarities between Galaxy tab S6 and S5e, however, the differences between the two are rather large. Once you go deeper into their specific specs and functionalities, you will find a large difference there. 


The first difference lays in the configuration. S6 comes with 6GB of RAM which can be bumped to 8GB of RAM, coupled with both 128GB and 256GB of storage. Now let’s compare with S5e. This one comes with 4GB of RAM along with 64GB of storage and a 6GB/128GB model. 

The second differences between the two tabs you have to know are the primary camera. Well, we have stated that the tabs have the same front and rear camera. However, s6 comes with an extra lens. On the rear camera, S6 has a secondary 5-megapixel wide-angle lens, allowing you to take pictures along with a large number of the unique viewfinder. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

There are other significant differences between the S6 and S5e types of Samsung Galaxy tab. You can use tab S5e as a notebook due to the absence of S pen support. Yup, Tab S5e doesn’t have S pen support. This may be very frustrating when you need to use the tab as a notebook. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy tab S6 is completed with S pen support to enable you to use the tab as a notebook, thus, you can save your money to purchase a notebook. Just use Samsung Galaxy tab S6 and you will get a complete pack of a tablet as well as a notebook. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 also comes with the benefits you can optimize. This way, you are able to use the tab as a remote control. You are also able to optimize the new Air Gestures to control the use of tablet even without touching the tab.

3. Conclusion

In short, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 vs S5e makes you clearly see the similarities and the differences. Whether you choose S6 or S5e, your final choice must be based on your consideration to meet the most of your needs. Galaxy tab S5e is just a fine option if you don’t really need S Pen support. It can be your solid Android for daily use. Meanwhile, if you expect more out of the tab, Galaxy Tab S6 is a perfect one to choose along with the usable S Pen support and full of productivity. The choice is definitely on your hands.

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