The world has probably heard about this worthy tablet, Huawei Matepad Pro 5G, which is claimed to be the worthy competitor of iPad Pro. Well, such a thing isn’t a rumor anymore because the tablet is planned for an early release at the beginning of 2020.

1. What’s Coming up

Huawei plan is to create a device for the next gen with its 5G module. It is equipped with a special 5G Kirin 990 chipset for the future 5G connection. With SoC’s adoption to the 7nm advanced manufacturing process, the tablet won’t consume too much energy – at least not as much as other devices. During China Mobile Partner Conference, 5G Kirin 990 has been awarded the best chip for 5G so you can imagine the quality and the promising performance. 

Besides the impressive 5G connection, this tablet would be the first to higher ration of screen-to-body as well as the tablet with a punch-hole camera design. The wireless charging stylus is also impressive. With only 30 seconds of charging time, you can enjoy 10 minutes of use – for the stylus, of course. 

2. The Specialty of MatePad Huawei Pro

The tablet comes with 10.8 inch design with QHD display screen and 5G technology. This is the first tablet that supports wireless (and also reverse wireless) charging. During its first release in China, the tablet is expected to come in various colors and also different storage options. It also comes with M-Pencil, the optional stylus – along with the optional keyboard. The latter one would be super handy when you have to deal with professional work. After all, this tablet is designed and created for creators so you should experience improved functionality and also its benefit. 

3. Designs and Display

If you take a look at the design, the Huawei Matepad Pro 5G looks similar to iPad Pro. It is the slim bezels and the rounded corners that give it away. The tablet only weighs around 460g with 7.2mm thickness, so it is pretty lightweight and portable. The display screen is 10.8 inches with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution and also color DCI-P3 gamut.

4. Specs and Features

Although the table accommodates expandable storage, it doesn’t have microSD slot and it comes with standard NM proprietary. The tablet comes with Harman Kardon speakers (four of them) where there are two of them on each of the side. As a result, you can enjoy stereo 3D sound. 

The highlight feature is the wireless charging, including reverse wireless charging. Another breakthrough that Huawei makes is that it provides 5G connectivity although the majority of the tablets are still supporting LTE. The tablet comes with optional keyboard and also M-Pencil.

The rear camera comes with 13MP ability with PDAF (Phase Detection AutoFocus) and also f/1.8 aperture. Not only it can produce high-quality photos, it can also records videos with 4K resolution. The front camera comes with 8MP ability that is able to support video recording up to 1080p quality. Thanks to the weight, the tablet feels light and convenient when you hold it. You can enjoy different kinds of shooting modes, such as subject tracking, time lapse, slow-mo, and so much more.

What’s special about the tablet is the operating system, really. It operates on EMUI 10 that enables the tablet to enjoy virtual window (it is handy to control the tablet’s functions), split-screen multitasking ability, and a new (visual) design. It shares similar features like DeX from Samsung, where you can enjoy the computer mode, allowing you to enjoy a desktop-like user-interface system to support convenient operation.

5. Extra Features 

The optional extra keyboard for Huawei Matepad Pro 5G is handy when you want to manage your work professionally. It delivers the desktop-like feel that will make the use easier. And let’s not forget the M-Pencil that can be used to sketch or draw on the tablet. The stylus can be charged automatically when it is clipped to the top side of MatePad Pro – and the clip happens magnetically. And charging time doesn’t have to be long. An hour should be enough to charge the tablet for 10 hours of use continuously. 

The battery is 7,250mAh with fast charging ability to 40W. Charging wirelessly can be supported to 15W as well as reverse wireless charge to 7.5W. Quite handy and impressive, huh?

6. Price Factor

There are different pricing plans that are available for this tablet. The starting price is set around CNY 3,300 for 6GB plus 128GB model that is only available for WiFi connection. Then it is set for CNY 4,000 for 8GB plus 256GB model for WiFi only, then CNY 3,800 for6GB plus 125GB model for the LTE connection, and last, it is set for around CNY 5,000 for 8GB plus 256GB for the LTE. The extra accessories include M-Pencil (set at around CNY 500) and also the optional keyboard (that is set around CNY 700).

In short, the tablet is worth waiting for, and you should wait for further updates for this Huawei Matepad Pro 5G tablet. You can find other best Huawei tablets HERE while waiting for this or you can consider buying the best tablet for your kids first.

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