If you have never had an iPad before, then knowing how to use an iPad can be a handy and valuable knowledge. If you are already familiar with Android tablets, you will see the significant differences between the two tablets. Whereas Android tablets are easier to operate and use, it is not so much with the iPad. It is more complicated – and for some people, it can be super confusing and overwhelming. But once you get the hang of it, an iPad can be your new best friend, whether in personal use or for work. 

Here are General operational rules for Ipad :

1. First Thing First

The first thing that you need to know about how to use an iPad is to set it up. It means that you need to create (or enter) an Apple ID, connect it to a WiFi network, choose the passcode, set the Touch ID up, and choose various options. 

Touch ID and passcodes are the most crucial things about operating an iPad (or Apple phone in general). Without it, you won’t be able to make the device up and running. If you have the older version of the iPad, you won’t have to deal with fingerprint matter (for the Touch ID). But if you have the newer version, well, you need to get ready with it.

You have the option to have a four-digit or six-digit passcode. The general default is the six-digit type but you can change it through Passcode Options. If you don’t want to add a passcode, there is an option for it too. Although the passcode isn’t considered a high-end security feature, it stills helps to deter identity theft, protect the personal data, and make the device harder to use (by a thief). Whenever you start the iPad or wake it up, you will have to tap those digits or place your finger for fingerprint detection. 

Once the passcode matter is done, you will have to deal with the Touch ID setup. Follow the instructions and you should be good to go.

2. iPad Drawing Platform

A lot of people often ask whether they can use iPad as a drawing tablet. Yes, they can but you need to understand this: an iPad isn’t exactly designed as a drawing tablet. It is designed for easy portability and better experience in browsing, exploring, working, or enjoying the entertainment. But you can still use it for drawing – provided that you are aware of the flaws and imperfections. 

The first thing that you do is to get yourself a stylus. Yes, you don’t need a stylus to operate an iPad but you need one when you want to draw because it is related to precision. And when you choose a stylus, don’t just choose anything cheap. You want something like Pogo stylus with its squishy and soft tip and metallic shaft. There are different kinds of stylus, really. There is Griffin stylus with its rubber tip or the Stylus Socks Pro with conductive fabric over the shaft or the Dagi stylus with the transparent circle tip and iClooly stylus with its paint-like brush tip. 

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Then, the next step on how to use an iPad for drawing is to choose the right app. One of the most recommended ones is iDraw. It is a genuine app with vector-drawing ability that shares similar features like Adobe Illustrator. The benefits would outweigh the price that is set for around $9. Not only the iPad can be used for drawing but you should also connect it to your laptop or PC – figure it out on your own. 

Another handy app is the Air Display, which will bring your artistic skill to a higher level and to a serious stage. This is an app that allows your iPad to act as a second screen – aside to your PC or laptop. You can use it to edit or work on Photoshop. With this app, you are free to do the creative work that you want. You can also use apps like SketchyPad (that will cost you $5) or iMockups ($7) for your creative work. Feel free to explore whatever apps that you feel comfortable using.

3. Making Screenshots

Do you know how to screenshot on iPad? If you are familiar with Android devices (and their operation), then everything would be different on iPad. But just because their ways are different, it doesn’t mean that it would be overly complicated or difficult. 

You only need to go to the page or screen whose image you want to take. Then press the button Sleep/Wake (located on the top side) and also the button for Volume Up (located on the right side) together. These buttons should be pressed at the same time to capture the image. If you do it right, your screen should flash white. You will also hear camera shutter sound clicking – provided that you enable the sound. That’s it! It’s not so hard, is it?

4. Conclusion

If you have ever operated Android and iOS devices, you will see that they are different. It takes a learning curve and a moment to get used to iPad operational system, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t handle the matter of how to use an iPad.

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